Noble character becomes an important aspect in human life, both in his position as individuals, members of the community and as a nation. Strengthening of noble character considered strategic to address the moral problems amid the complexities of social life. Besides noble character can be a barometer of  pious in the face of the Divine and others, so a noble  person will get the name as pious person1.

What is morality? And what is the noble character?

According to Imam al-Ghazali, morality is a trait that is embedded in the soul of man, from which of good deeds formed easily. If the act is good and commendable by Islam Law it is called noble spirit and vice versa2.

Who has the noble character? What is one of the duties of our Prophet (Muhammad SAW.)?
QS.68: 4. “And in fact you really have a certain character that noble”3.

QS.68: 4.” And verily, thou Muhammad on morals supreme”4. (“And lo! thou art of a tremendous nature”)4.

“Indeed, I was sent to perfect moral nobility”, (the main reason) (Hadith) 4.

What are noble character traits ?

The characteristics of people who have noble personality that include:

• Giving up his life in the world and the hereafter and is satisfied only by God.
• There was never hostile or despised by others.
• Not affected by the crimes of others.
• Not having goals other than God.
• Always act sweet face, honest, and faithful in friendship.
• Friendly face.
• Easy to forgive others.
• May hold grudges.
(From reference 3)
• Generous.
• Able to keep the mouth and genitalia (for good purpose and in married only).
• Can be left lying even though he was joking (never say lie even a white lie).
• Not arrogant.
• Tawaddu ‘(humble self).
• Knowledgeable (Al-Quran and Hadith, especially) and do not hide it but practice it, teach it.
• Keep their promises.
• Trusteeship
• Istiqamah, upright in his stance not to be afraid and do not worry.
• Tolerance.
• Be grateful. …. give thanks to Me (God) and to your parents (QS.31: 12.14).
• Hope and fear Allah.
• Devoted, shy and wara ‘Wara’ = to leave something that is not valuable5.
• Resignation (submission to Allah).
• Full of affection.
• Prioritize others.
• Fair in word and deed.
(From reference 4)


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